The International Church of Torino

To love Jesus, to love those Jesus loves


The International Church of Torino is a Christ-centred, life-giving community where every nationality, culture and status are welcome. We promote an emotionally healthy spirituality that works both now and for all eternity.

As the main English speaking church in Torino, if you are looking for an international church in the English language, come and say hello!

Coming up(2nd May9th May)

Sunday 2nd May (online and at Via Pinelli, 54)
9.45 – Worship Service
11.45 – Worship Service

Monday 3rd May (On Zoom)
20.30 – Student meetings

Wednesday 5th May (at Via Pinelli, 54 and on Zoom )
20.00 – Bible study

Saturday 8th May (at Via Pinelli, 54)
16.30 – Gruppo Giovani (10-13 anni)

Sunday 9th May (at Via Pinelli, 54, masks must be worn and online on Facebook & YouTube )
09.45 – Sunday Worship Service (Ideal for Families)
11.45 – Sunday Worship Service (Ideal for Students)

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